Saturday, January 12, 2008

One Selbu and Mavericks

I started my second glove today. The first one was finished on Thursday night. It fits like a glove!! The only modification I would make next time is the cuff needs to be a little longer. I like them longer and tuck them in my coat. But there are more patterns in this book, and I am already looking at a second pair. These are so much fun to knit. I want to knit all of them ( Can I have more time in a day please?)

This morning we placed J's desk in a better place and while he had his computers disconnected I took advantage of all the cables being removed so I took the vacuum cleaner and gave his office a good vacuuming in places normally not reached by a vacuum cleaner. I am normally not allowed to touch the room because I place everything "somewhere else". So I clean around it. The front

and back

And also today the Mavericks where held. We wanted to go and watch, but hey, it started at eight this morning, and because it was held at a weekend the crowd was as expected huge. There were options to see the event on big screens at the local airport or in the SF ballpark. Only those are not so much fun as being there and feeling the wind and smelling the sea. So we stayed home and looked at the stream from the news channel.

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Anonymous said...

Nou tante D dan mag Ome H ook wel uitkijken want die wordt dit jaar ook 40.
Maar ik vind je helemaal niet oud hoor je bent gewoon heel erg lief en leuk want jij doet gekke dansjes met mij.

Groetjes Kylian