Friday, January 25, 2008

Oven mitt or very large hands

OK, it is done, my oven mitt. The boys had their share of laughing and fitting both hands inside.
I am thinking of felting it, maybe it will turn out nice and warm and the right size. Hoping that I do have the last laugh!
It rained again today and not the little bit of rain, a lot of rain. I love rainy days and while I am writing this I am preparing a steaming cup of coffee.
While we are sitting at the dining room table with our computers, T is building his LEGO creations and photographing them for his "website"
I feel a bit better today so tomorrow it is time for some groceries, I have not been out for the whole week and it is time to hit the big outdoors again.
Now I have to think about another knitting project because I have not started one jet after the big mitt.
I was thinking of the firestarter socks. Now let's find some yarn and some needles.

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Anonymous said...

Hey heb je handschoenen voor Jan gemaakt (hihihihihihi)

Groetjes Anita