Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Star fighter

T made himself a star fighter this afternoon, nice huh? What you can't hear are the sound effects that are coming with this "masterpiece".
Gotta love it, I can listen to him play for hours, not that I have the time, but I could.
It was cold today, colder than I wanted it to be, with a thick heavy fog this morning. Just to remind me that I have to get my gloves in gear if I want to wear them in the very near future.
I am almost done with the second one, but those darn fingers take a long time to knit. I am already planning for my next pair. Those selbu's are very addicting to knit.
Oh, yeah, in case you are wondering what the red stuff on his sleeve is. According to T he had to clean the dry board and he could not find a rag. NICE!

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