Monday, February 25, 2008

Startn' a fire

Meet the Firestarter, my new sock. I got the yarn at Stitches and can't stop knitting with this.
The colors are changing and there is no logic repeat in them and very little yellow. So I keep myself entertained by guessing how many more rows until I meet Yellow again.
the Heel is interesting and looks very cool. The picture is from Saturday, I am already working on the cuff. (No I am not a quick knitter, I just can not stop)
And then there is this new toy, it is called a Lucet. Has been around for ages and I wanted one for ages! Now I just need to work on the tension so I will get an even cord.

It was back to school for T and me today, but in three weeks it is Easter break. Really early this year. Same with the daylight savings time, I had to write something on the calendar and saw that we already have to re-set on March 9 this year. Wow, before you know it we are in the Summer again.
Chick update, he went to school with me today and is proudly sitting on the file cabinets next to my desk.

Friday, February 22, 2008

little chick went to Market

A little chick went to Stitches West today. He had lots of fun. First he got to ride in a car, in the front nonetheless. And when chick arrived at the parking, the attendant even waived at him. Or better said, flapped his arms like he had wings. Silly man, only chick has wings.
Once out of the car, he was safely tucked into the bag, because only his mommy had a ticked and he did not. But inside he could not resist peeking his head out of the bag, because he smelled yarn, glorious yarn, all kinds of yarn, and all kinds of colors. Chick thought he was in heaven.
He got to pet some of the yarns and even his picture was taken, for a moment he was the famous chick.
He loved all the yarn and what do ya know, they even make yarn out of the fur from animals like the Musk ox? It is called Qiviut.
But all that looking around made us hungry so we had a big hamburger (no nuggets please!)
Than we went back to that nice smelling place with lots of colors to look around some more.
We got a thing called a drop spindle and some wool called roving to make yarn, and T is going to help with that, and we picked up a thing called a Lucet. But more on that tomorrow. For now we are really tired and need to relax a bit.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bye bye socks

Jabberwocks are done! I finished them last night and left them on the table. I just need to remind myself if I actually want to wear a pair of socks that came right of the needles and not worn by anybody else I need to hide them.
J took them and has been wearing them ever since. No matter what color or pattern he just snags the socks. I wanted to make pictures for the Ravelry site, and he even posed for it.

This afternoon we had a birthday party, 11 boys and three adults, we went to the Jungle. The boys really liked it but they do not mind the smell of sweaty kids and dirty floors. I have been to this place before but that was when T was 3 or 4. The place definitely needs a makeover.
T did not feel that well and spend half the time sitting on my lap, once in the car on the way back home he fell asleep. A sure sign that he is not feeling himself.

Now on Friday when I go to Stitches West, I am going to look for a sock pattern that is definitely not wearable by J!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Last Friday I started knitting this little guy. I did start with the little chicken and the proceeded to knit the shell. But I have to say it can also be knitted starting with the shell and then the little chick. So I still do not know which came first.

Today T and I tackled his room, WOW that is all I can say. What a mess, if I ask him to clean his room that means shoveling everything under the bed and in the closet. Well this morning I literally shoved everything out of is room and put him in the middle of the pile and told him to sort. Mr. wisecrack asked if it had to be by color, but he soon started to whine and complain that there was to much to sort and that this job never would be done.
While I took cleaning supplies into his room and did some major rearranging. We worked for a good 4 hours to clean and sort. I also tackled the upstairs bathrooms and the master.
By the time J came home the toys where sorted everything smelled clean and fresh and the beds were made. T’s with brand spanking new bedding that we picked up at Target.
Out with the little boys dragons bedding and in with the “real boy stuff”.
Tomorrow the only thing that is left is hang the curtains and we are done.

Now the big question will be “How long does this room stay neat and tidy?”
And “Which came first, the Chicken or the egg?”

Sunday, February 17, 2008

An apple a day

On this day, a certain number of years ago I was born. And every year on this day when my Dad congratulates me with my birthday, he will say: “Is it ( insert number here) years ago when you where a baby and lay on the table while I changed your diaper”?
Not the kind of sentence you want to hear right after “Happy Birthday”.
Yes, Dad it was that long ago, and I am making a mental note to say the same thing to my son when he becomes an adult, and come to think of it, my sisters little one is going to get the same treatment! Ha, when the boys are our age they will say the same thing when Mom/Aunt calls. “Not the same story again!”
J and T took me out to breakfast this morning to our favorite breakfast place OD’s. When we came home my bff J came by and I am now the proud owner of a bunch of balloons! And what about the candy apple I got too?
This afternoon we went out for coffee at Starbucks and afterwards we drove over to the winery to get celebrate a little more. I got a wineglass painted with candles, and it was filled on the spot with Charbono my favorite wine.
I realized this afternoon that we do live in a wonderful place, where else in the world would you see people walk up on their horses to a winery to do some tasting ?

And now, time for some knitting and coffee, and afterwards a glass on wine and a piece of my apple. Check out the name of this apple.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day!

What a day! Kids all excited for Valentines parties at the end of the school day. There where even heart shaped cookies and strawberry milk at lunch. My workday today was a very hectic one, with a gazillion things to do, and unexpected happenings in between.
I guess working at an elementary school will throw you a curveball every once in a while.
Tomorrow it is Pajama day at school, another exciting day before we go on winter break.
But before that tomorrow afternoon I have to do the dreaded groceries, I do not like to do groceries and without a fail will come home grumpy. This of course I have to share with my family.
Last week was a low, a deep low. I did buy some bottles of wine and the lady asked me for my drivers license. I know I should be flattered that to her I did not look a day over 21 but it is what she said that annoyed me to no end and I did bite my lip not to say anything.
T was with me and she looked at him, then at me and asked for ID. Me of course did what I was asked and showed it, she looked at it and then announced that she could not read the year I was born in…………….. Yes, it was right at the leather edge of my wallet. So I slid it out and showed her. To make an apology she replied with “sorry, but these days babies are having babies!!!!!! And I do not even use those fancy anti-aging, wrinkle smoothing creams that cost a ….load of money.
Maybe I need to use them, and then by next week they will ask me where my mommy is.
And by that time she has learned what the name is of that “white-looking-thing, do-you-know-the-name, vegetable” (Belgian endive).
On a different not, here is T’s valentines loot, the cards that is, the candy is long gone (dad was helping out in this case)
And the two of them are making a “love potion” I wonder what they are thinking no female in her right mind will drink this half frozen water with candies dunked in them.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sunday I went to see Kooza, and it is AMAZING ! This was the second year that we had a girls birthday outing and the second time we went to a Cirque du soleil event. Two years ago we saw Dralion.
We enjoyed every minute from it, especially the girls that can bent their body in every way not humanly possible (or I guess it is, but not for "normal" people like me). My bff next to me kept saying "oh my, oh my". Needles to say there where some comments made not to be repeated anywhere.
After the performance we went out to dinner, where we set up the Mother of my bff for a blind date with the father of our waiter!! Oh, yeah just let us loose in town and nobody is save.
This poor man does not even know what he has coming! At least we had a lot of fun.
If everything is going according to plan they are going to meet at the singles night at the winery.
Only a few more days and then we have a week off. Yes a full week of vacation. Do not get me wrong I love my job, but a few days at home is really nice too.
Maybe I even have time to finish my newest pair of socks. Oh and by the way, the color is called Froggin'.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Me? weird? Nope, I do not think so. Lately my son and husband are asking me "please not to Google anything". I like to know about things that to the "normal" human being are totally pointless. If a question is asked in a popular game show where people actually win money by knowing all these things and I do not know the answer or want to know more, I Google!
So when I finally remembered that in the band of the sock yarn from my rocking' sock club, there was a name of a dragon I had to Google it.
Jabberwock is his name, I like the name, so I am going to name the socks Jabberwock.
My family better prepares for this, because next time if I ask "where are my Jabberwocks?"
They better know that I am talking about my red socks.

Yesterday we had a nice Mardi Grass lunch at school, red beans and rice with cornbread and butter!!! Yum
There was bacon and sausage and ham in the beans, it tasted soooooo good.
Hooray for Mardi Grass.

Now back to knitting for tonight, I have Jabberwocks to finish and a Koolhaas for J, and see the pattern? Planning for a new pair to knit after the Jabberwocks are finished.
Maybe all socks in this household should be named Jabberwocks.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Backyard world

While I was knitting this, I had a nice view of our backyard. Although it was again wet and grey outside the birds where really busy with the treat I hung from one of the trees. Lovely, and while I was enjoying their antics........... Somebody came into the yard and they all flew away, not so nice. It is one of the neighbors cats. They live outside, the older cat (from previous posts) is a nice one and comes and hangs out with T everyday. We love her. This one is people shy and hisses at you. Do not like the cat and did find that he or she was not entitled to a birdie dinner today. So I nocked on the window to chase it away.
It worked and a little later the gang was back, and with extra force.
I like how in this picture you can really see the one on the seeds is chasing the other one away. Like it is saying "MINE", just like the seagulls in the finding Nemo movie.

And then there is this little fellow, he is different that the other ones, he is not one of the gangmembers. He has a different taste. He likes the olives from the Olive tree that stands in front of our window. I have noticed him before. The only bird with gourmet taste, and there is more that enough food for him alone!

Cute little one, every once in a while it looks like he is standing on his tippie toes to look over the grass to the other birds. I tried to make pictures of this but it turned out very blurry, he is fast you know.