Saturday, February 02, 2008

Backyard world

While I was knitting this, I had a nice view of our backyard. Although it was again wet and grey outside the birds where really busy with the treat I hung from one of the trees. Lovely, and while I was enjoying their antics........... Somebody came into the yard and they all flew away, not so nice. It is one of the neighbors cats. They live outside, the older cat (from previous posts) is a nice one and comes and hangs out with T everyday. We love her. This one is people shy and hisses at you. Do not like the cat and did find that he or she was not entitled to a birdie dinner today. So I nocked on the window to chase it away.
It worked and a little later the gang was back, and with extra force.
I like how in this picture you can really see the one on the seeds is chasing the other one away. Like it is saying "MINE", just like the seagulls in the finding Nemo movie.

And then there is this little fellow, he is different that the other ones, he is not one of the gangmembers. He has a different taste. He likes the olives from the Olive tree that stands in front of our window. I have noticed him before. The only bird with gourmet taste, and there is more that enough food for him alone!

Cute little one, every once in a while it looks like he is standing on his tippie toes to look over the grass to the other birds. I tried to make pictures of this but it turned out very blurry, he is fast you know.

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