Wednesday, February 20, 2008

bye bye socks

Jabberwocks are done! I finished them last night and left them on the table. I just need to remind myself if I actually want to wear a pair of socks that came right of the needles and not worn by anybody else I need to hide them.
J took them and has been wearing them ever since. No matter what color or pattern he just snags the socks. I wanted to make pictures for the Ravelry site, and he even posed for it.

This afternoon we had a birthday party, 11 boys and three adults, we went to the Jungle. The boys really liked it but they do not mind the smell of sweaty kids and dirty floors. I have been to this place before but that was when T was 3 or 4. The place definitely needs a makeover.
T did not feel that well and spend half the time sitting on my lap, once in the car on the way back home he fell asleep. A sure sign that he is not feeling himself.

Now on Friday when I go to Stitches West, I am going to look for a sock pattern that is definitely not wearable by J!

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Anonymous said...

Dus het garen moet in een kleur zijn die Jan echt niet mooi vind (eeeeehmm roze misschien) en dan met een patroon die geen enkele man zonder enige uitleg kan dragen.(hmmm bloemen)

Nou ik ben benieuwd, in ieder geval heel veel plezier.

Groetjes anita