Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines day!

What a day! Kids all excited for Valentines parties at the end of the school day. There where even heart shaped cookies and strawberry milk at lunch. My workday today was a very hectic one, with a gazillion things to do, and unexpected happenings in between.
I guess working at an elementary school will throw you a curveball every once in a while.
Tomorrow it is Pajama day at school, another exciting day before we go on winter break.
But before that tomorrow afternoon I have to do the dreaded groceries, I do not like to do groceries and without a fail will come home grumpy. This of course I have to share with my family.
Last week was a low, a deep low. I did buy some bottles of wine and the lady asked me for my drivers license. I know I should be flattered that to her I did not look a day over 21 but it is what she said that annoyed me to no end and I did bite my lip not to say anything.
T was with me and she looked at him, then at me and asked for ID. Me of course did what I was asked and showed it, she looked at it and then announced that she could not read the year I was born in…………….. Yes, it was right at the leather edge of my wallet. So I slid it out and showed her. To make an apology she replied with “sorry, but these days babies are having babies!!!!!! And I do not even use those fancy anti-aging, wrinkle smoothing creams that cost a ….load of money.
Maybe I need to use them, and then by next week they will ask me where my mommy is.
And by that time she has learned what the name is of that “white-looking-thing, do-you-know-the-name, vegetable” (Belgian endive).
On a different not, here is T’s valentines loot, the cards that is, the candy is long gone (dad was helping out in this case)
And the two of them are making a “love potion” I wonder what they are thinking no female in her right mind will drink this half frozen water with candies dunked in them.


Anonymous said...

Ieeew, dat ziet er in ieder geval giftig uit (hihihih).

Wat heb jij gekregen met valentijn? denk hetzelfde als wat ik gekregen heb, NIETS.

Groetjes anita

Anonymous said...