Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Me? weird? Nope, I do not think so. Lately my son and husband are asking me "please not to Google anything". I like to know about things that to the "normal" human being are totally pointless. If a question is asked in a popular game show where people actually win money by knowing all these things and I do not know the answer or want to know more, I Google!
So when I finally remembered that in the band of the sock yarn from my rocking' sock club, there was a name of a dragon I had to Google it.
Jabberwock is his name, I like the name, so I am going to name the socks Jabberwock.
My family better prepares for this, because next time if I ask "where are my Jabberwocks?"
They better know that I am talking about my red socks.

Yesterday we had a nice Mardi Grass lunch at school, red beans and rice with cornbread and butter!!! Yum
There was bacon and sausage and ham in the beans, it tasted soooooo good.
Hooray for Mardi Grass.

Now back to knitting for tonight, I have Jabberwocks to finish and a Koolhaas for J, and see the pattern? Planning for a new pair to knit after the Jabberwocks are finished.
Maybe all socks in this household should be named Jabberwocks.

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Anonymous said...

whahahah bij een sok en het woord spina kun je ook denken aan een sok met een openruggetje (grijns)

Groetjes Anita