Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sunday I went to see Kooza, and it is AMAZING ! This was the second year that we had a girls birthday outing and the second time we went to a Cirque du soleil event. Two years ago we saw Dralion.
We enjoyed every minute from it, especially the girls that can bent their body in every way not humanly possible (or I guess it is, but not for "normal" people like me). My bff next to me kept saying "oh my, oh my". Needles to say there where some comments made not to be repeated anywhere.
After the performance we went out to dinner, where we set up the Mother of my bff for a blind date with the father of our waiter!! Oh, yeah just let us loose in town and nobody is save.
This poor man does not even know what he has coming! At least we had a lot of fun.
If everything is going according to plan they are going to meet at the singles night at the winery.
Only a few more days and then we have a week off. Yes a full week of vacation. Do not get me wrong I love my job, but a few days at home is really nice too.
Maybe I even have time to finish my newest pair of socks. Oh and by the way, the color is called Froggin'.

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