Friday, February 22, 2008

little chick went to Market

A little chick went to Stitches West today. He had lots of fun. First he got to ride in a car, in the front nonetheless. And when chick arrived at the parking, the attendant even waived at him. Or better said, flapped his arms like he had wings. Silly man, only chick has wings.
Once out of the car, he was safely tucked into the bag, because only his mommy had a ticked and he did not. But inside he could not resist peeking his head out of the bag, because he smelled yarn, glorious yarn, all kinds of yarn, and all kinds of colors. Chick thought he was in heaven.
He got to pet some of the yarns and even his picture was taken, for a moment he was the famous chick.
He loved all the yarn and what do ya know, they even make yarn out of the fur from animals like the Musk ox? It is called Qiviut.
But all that looking around made us hungry so we had a big hamburger (no nuggets please!)
Than we went back to that nice smelling place with lots of colors to look around some more.
We got a thing called a drop spindle and some wool called roving to make yarn, and T is going to help with that, and we picked up a thing called a Lucet. But more on that tomorrow. For now we are really tired and need to relax a bit.

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