Monday, February 18, 2008


Last Friday I started knitting this little guy. I did start with the little chicken and the proceeded to knit the shell. But I have to say it can also be knitted starting with the shell and then the little chick. So I still do not know which came first.

Today T and I tackled his room, WOW that is all I can say. What a mess, if I ask him to clean his room that means shoveling everything under the bed and in the closet. Well this morning I literally shoved everything out of is room and put him in the middle of the pile and told him to sort. Mr. wisecrack asked if it had to be by color, but he soon started to whine and complain that there was to much to sort and that this job never would be done.
While I took cleaning supplies into his room and did some major rearranging. We worked for a good 4 hours to clean and sort. I also tackled the upstairs bathrooms and the master.
By the time J came home the toys where sorted everything smelled clean and fresh and the beds were made. T’s with brand spanking new bedding that we picked up at Target.
Out with the little boys dragons bedding and in with the “real boy stuff”.
Tomorrow the only thing that is left is hang the curtains and we are done.

Now the big question will be “How long does this room stay neat and tidy?”
And “Which came first, the Chicken or the egg?”

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Anonymous said...

De kip want God was een man en die kon geen eieren leggen (whahahahaha).

2 dagen en dan is zijn kamer niet meer netjes (hihihihi) en kun je opnieuw beginnen.

OJa en pa heeft gisteren gebeld en helemaal niet gezegd, is het al 34 jaar geleden ....... enz.

Groetjes anita