Monday, February 25, 2008

Startn' a fire

Meet the Firestarter, my new sock. I got the yarn at Stitches and can't stop knitting with this.
The colors are changing and there is no logic repeat in them and very little yellow. So I keep myself entertained by guessing how many more rows until I meet Yellow again.
the Heel is interesting and looks very cool. The picture is from Saturday, I am already working on the cuff. (No I am not a quick knitter, I just can not stop)
And then there is this new toy, it is called a Lucet. Has been around for ages and I wanted one for ages! Now I just need to work on the tension so I will get an even cord.

It was back to school for T and me today, but in three weeks it is Easter break. Really early this year. Same with the daylight savings time, I had to write something on the calendar and saw that we already have to re-set on March 9 this year. Wow, before you know it we are in the Summer again.
Chick update, he went to school with me today and is proudly sitting on the file cabinets next to my desk.

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Anonymous said...

Weet je zeker dat het bovenste een sok is, het lijkt meer op een condoom (whahahahaha).

Ah lekker nog 3 weken en dan kunnen we weer lekker met elkaar bellen buiten het weekend om (jippppieeeee).

Heeft Tycho ons mailtje nog gekregen?

Groetjes Anita