Monday, March 31, 2008


If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books, you know all about Dobby, the House elf.
Here is the "Dobby bookmark". What a fun way to use up all my leftover sock yarn. I made two bookmarks over the weekend.
They are a quick knit. Now I am thinking of doing the same thing with mittens on each end.
Just like I always had to have a string on my mittens threaded to my sleeves so I would not lose them. I hated it, for some reason it was never easy to put on your coat with the string in it.
But Mini mittens and string as a bookmark.......................(a much better idea!!) Sorry for the blurry pic, but I had to ask T to take a picture of my entrelac socks. Have you ever tried to take pictures of your own feet to show of your hand knit socks?? Believe me, not easy!!

And while knitting yesterday, I had the feeling I was being watched. And yes, I looked up and this little bird was sitting just outside the door, looking at me. Maybe he wanted a nice and warm knitted jacked, or some mini-mini-mini socks to keep him warm.

Today T and I are working on his Diorama project, due WEDNESDAY!, Oh, yeah, there is no better thing than last minute projects to get us going. He never made a Diorama, and I loved making them as a kid.
It has to be a scene out of a book he has read at school. Wish me luck, tomorrow we are going to finish it, and then we have to take it to school (in one piece, unharmed)
T is making the little puppets (read stick figures) that go in the diorama. problem is he needs to cut them out and they actually have to stand up.
If it is finished I'll post some pictures.

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