Saturday, March 29, 2008

Egg warmer??

For Easter I wanted to make some cute egg warmers, there where four different hat patterns in my book, mini hat egg warmers, not "normal" hats. I read the pattern and thought seeing the needles sizes, hmmm that might be a little bit big.
So I cast on for the beret, with smaller needles, way smaller needles.
The beret is cute, very cute, if you happen to have an Ostrich egg lying around! My boys had fun though. First the thought of having the eggs hidden underneath some "stupid" (T's words) hats at the Easter table. And when I finished this one and showed it to them, the jokes just kept coming. Finally it ended up on T's sandwich, I took this picture and ever since Easter a week ago, the hat is sitting on top of a mug on the kitchen counter. It will be lonely, the only egg warmer knitted in this house. How about this cute couple?
If I did not know how vicious these little critters can be, I would want one for a pet.
But they are cute out in the wild, when we go for a hike at Pinnacles and have our picnic lunch I always see people feeding them, no wonder they become aggressive. I would go for a nice sandwich and some chips too instead of all kinds of food that I would have to find for myself in the woods.

I went out to forage for our own food this morning, Trader Joe's, my all time favorite market. Of course I had to buy chocolate, they have a huge assortment and making a choice is NOT easy.
And they carry the one and only Pirate Booty, the snack T likes the most.
Tomorrow it is Sunday, already looking forward to a lazy day, knitting on the couch on my entrelac socks, for now, you'll have to excuse me the laundry is ready to be put in the dryer and new laundry can go in the washer. Live goes on............

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