Sunday, March 02, 2008

Knitted food

Because a girl has more things to carry that just her wallet and keys, for the last couple of days I have been working on this pretty bag. It is finished, I only have to hand stitch the end of the zipper in the lining, to keep my zipper handle from disappearing.

And look at what I made this weekend, Petite fours, only this kind you can not eat. These are knitted, and they are so much fun to make.

I am definitely going to make one or two more tonight. I envision a whole bunch of them together on a pretty serving plate.

Somebody (not naming names) volunteered me for the fashion show next Saturday. I agreed because the lady of the show called me and I was then informed I was on the list. Oh, it is only in the morning so I said yes. STUPID, very stupid, reminder to all, before you say yes, ask what store they are going to send you.
For me it turned out, it is the "Elderly" store. Not to be rude but even if I was eighty, and would attend a fashion show, I want to see FASHION!
The manager from the store greeted me with a "oh, they send you here??"
Yep, she had my outfits ready. I am quite tall and if I buy pants or any other garment that requires a length 'till your feet, I buy the tall version, otherwise it will be in the middle of a case of "oops the water is rising" and Capri's. It was changed to Capri's that are to short, or should they rest on you knees??
Also I am the first one to be not afraid of color, but even this went to far for me, two of my outfits are three piece suits, with everything in the same screaming color, coral and aqua to be exact.
The third one, considered get this, "school wear" is a denim kinda outfit with shoulder pads.
In both the shirt as the Jacket.
And all the time I was thinking the 80's were over.
I tried to get this resolved on Saturday, but the last word is not spoken over this,
In the mean time my friend who volunteered me is also walking the runway in three gorgeous outfits, on of them a evening gown I would love to have.
I even have to bring my own shoes and accessories, so I am thinking Birkenstock and a walker.
Also little me is due for a haircut, so I am going for the red (fire red) peekaboo colors for sure. I wanted it last year and never got to it, so now it is time.
SHOCK factor..............

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CoasterMeg said...

Hmmm... I'm a little hungry; think I'll have one of those lovely littly petit fours... Yummy!

And tooooo cuuuuute!

- M