Sunday, March 23, 2008

San Juan Bautista

What to do on a very nice and sunny Easter Sunday?
You hop in the car and take a little drive anywhere the car will take you.
We love to go to SJB, just a 10 minute drive away, and it is so nice to get out of the car and walk around.
This time there were a lot of cars, a lot! But we found a spot and walked to the mission. Heading that way we knew the reason for the amount of cars. It is Easter Sunday, It is a Mission with a church that is still in service! (duh)
It was so crowded in the church people where standing outside to hear the sermon. Of course I had to peak in and hold my camera up high to take a picture, don't worry I did not use the flash.

And this statue, he has a great spot, what a view!! No matter how often I come here, he is standing there and watching over the land. Right with his feet on the Andreas fault.
Of course I took a lot of pictures, more of them I will post tomorrow.
Now I am going to make myself a nice cup of coffee and watch a sappy old movie. The 1944 version of Jane Eyre with Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine, Oh, and Elizabeth Taylor.
Love those old movies, the boys don't, so I make myself comfy and watch and knit!

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