Friday, March 21, 2008


Socks, when somebody would have told me when I was growing up, that I would end up knitting socks for fun I would have told them they are crazy!! My grandmother knitted socks, I do remember a pair that was knit especially for me to wear with my pants that came to my knees. They where what we call "stockings" or Knee highs and they would never stay up to where I wanted them, never, ever. I did try to hold them up with rubber bands, bad, bad idea. Did not work. Even worse was the fact that I had to wear them, on Sundays, to look nice! Grandma knit them, and now ........ years later, I knit socks. We now have yarn that has a little elastic in them and they stay the way we want them. And we have all that yarn that has different colors and textures to choose from. We even have yarn made from bamboo and corn!
And we have the Internet and a wonderful site called Ravelry, where we can share patterns, and tips, look at what other people made all over the world.

I have a pair of grandma's socks, never worn, saved, tucked away in a secret spot, otherwise a certain person, (I do not mention any names here) will claim them. Grandma only knitted with one color, every sock was the same, except for the size, that could vary. There was no such thing as circular needles back then. But I regret thanking her for teaching me how to knit and even remember spinning yarn together on her spinning wheel. She did crochet too, a lot, I can do it too, she taught me. The same goes for sewing. I loved spending time over at the farm with Grandma, and I am sure her three other granddaughthers did also.

One of my Fire starters is done and one of the stockings is also almost done. Hey, two socks do make a pair!
We also started an Entrelac sock KAL (knit along) online and with "real-life-knitting-buddies".
More about those later!

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CoasterMeg said...

Oh, both those socks/stockings are beautiful! I adore the Firestarters, and know that they're even prettier in real life.

Don't forget: Tomorrow is "Stalk the Mailman Because RSC Might Be Delivered" Day!

- M