Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring and almost tomorrow

Remember that little birds nest from a couple of posts ago? This is how it looks today. If I was a bird I would move in right away. Who does not want to have this perfect house?
Blossoms right at your doorstep, and when it gets to hot from the sun the leaves will be there and shade is provided. Best of all, it comes with free security. Why, you may ask. We have been on a mission to get the prowling cat from the neighbors out of his little hiding spot. The coffee grind is a big help (thanks for the tip, tante A)
So this property is vacant at the moment, and I know the housing market is very tight at the moment but this nest is ready to be moved in by any kind of bird. We prefer a nice colorful one that can sing beautiful songs in the morning to wake us up.
And then there is a party tomorrow, our little (ahum) boy is turning TEN! My baby, ten years old. I just can not believe the time went so fast. He is happy to point out he is NOT to be called:
Cute, adorable or little. He is a boy, he is cool, from today, and a "tween"ager!! The last one totally cracks me up.
He and his dad bought some tennis gear last week, and everyday they go for a game. I went yesterday and we played for an hour. Oh and we spend ten minutes trying to find the ball we hit out of the court. Imagine this, there is a huge lawn around the court, and just a few, not more then 5 bushes.
Small ones, the park is only two years old and all the bushes and trees are still very small.
I hit, the ball flies over the fence, and in one of those bushes. We see it fly, we see it hit the bush, we hear it too. But we can not find the ball, not in a million years is that bright neon yellow ball to be found. Typical me, I am the only one in this family who manages those kind of weird things to happen.

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Anonymous said...

wahahahahahaha, zie je al op je knieƫn door die bosjes kruipen (nou ja er meer overheen dan).
Wel lekker hoor tennisen hier moet je eerst lid worden van een tennisclub en bij jullie liggen de banen gewoon in het park en kan iedereen gewoon komen tennisen.

fijn dat de koffiedik helpt.

Groetjes Anita