Monday, April 07, 2008

apple blossoms

Look, our apple tree has blossoms, last fall we had one single apple on our tree. Hopefully this year it will be a little bit more than just one!
And because I am ahead on my fellow KAL members with my entrelac socks and this pattern was staring at me for the longest time, I am knitting a pair of fingerless mittens.
Tycho loves them (except for the color) he likes the pattern on the front of the hand so much he wants a pair in blue. Oh, and on the palm of the hand he would like to have a sword knitted in.

At work it is testing time, I can not remember that we had to do so many test when we where in elementary school. But than again on the other hand I went to school in Holland. We had a school with six grades, only six classes one for every grade and Only six teachers. The principal was also our six grade teacher.
about 40 children in every class room, it was an old building, sadly it was torn down. Never should have happened. I loved that building.
Today we talked about our elementary school days with T. His favorite story is the one of my singing sister.
On her way to school one day, she crossed the street to give a serenade to our neighbor Mrs. Haverkamp.
she walked up to their living room window and belted out this song:
Vrouw Haverkamp, vrouw Haverkamp
Wah hedde grote tiet'n
Hoe witte gij da, hoe witte gij da?
Ik heb zie zelf in m'n handen g'had
Ik heb ze op en neer zien gaan
Ik heb ze heen en weer zien gaan
Vrouw Haverkamp, vrouw Haverkamp
Wah hedde grote tiet'n
For the not dutch readers, it is a song about Mrs Haverkamps bosom.
Mrs. Haverkamp could laugh about it, Mr. Haverkamp could absolutely not...............
Sorry A, but you where a really funny kid, and we just can not think of anything I did..............(ahum)
I hope K is doing the same funny things growing up as his mom did. We all know T can be really funny, especially at the dinner table when he starts asking questions.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm hier komen we nog niet verder dan poesje mauw en gelukkig hebben we geen vrouw haverkamp in de straat wonen.

Maar gezien de opscheplepel hebben we het sterke vermoeden dat hij toch op zijn moeder gaat lijken.
Maar goed Oma Jannie verteld ook verhalen over papa dus eigenlijk kunnen we er gif op in nemen dat K wel wat uit zal halen.

Maar eh heb je T al verteld over de kerk en de muts. Of over het feit dat mama zich vergiste tussen de fles deo en haarlak (whahaha)

Groetjes Anita