Sunday, April 13, 2008

Backyard bbq and a song

Finally the temperature was high enough to sit outside and have a nice BBQ for dinner. It was around 86 F yesterday and today. We do not have a spot to sit in the shade yet, our umbrella stand broke last year so in the afternoon as soon as the sun hits the back of the house it is to hot to sit outside in the sun. But after 5 when the sun is behind the houses it is perfect.
We cooked up some nice steak yesterday, and for today I made chicken kabobs.
Last week T decided he would make up a song about my knitting. It is on the tune of "I've been working on the railroad". And I can not blame him I have been knitting every evening this week, there is nothing interesting on TV, so I can watch and knit at the same time.
there is progress on my entrelac socks, both heels are turned, and one is up to the point where I have to make the increases for the calf.

And one of the two fingerless mittens is done, the second one is already cast on and one and a half repeat is already done on those.
Lucky me that I decided they had to be pink, because T really likes them and it fits him really well to, only a little bit shorter please, mom oh, and in blue please, and can you make a sword on it too????
In the next couple of weeks we are going to be busy, we are going to move my office from downstairs to the loft, and put a queen bed in the office/guestroom. It is only about nine more weeks until we expect our first visitors from Holland. And while working, and the warm weather ahead, I want to do this slowly so I only have to do around one or two hours a day.


Anonymous said...

tante dorien, dank je wel voor het kaartje, ik ga er vanmiddag maar eens lekker op dansen.

groetjes Kylian

Chele said...

Beautiful job on the entrelac socks and the fingerless mittens. I love the colors you used.