Saturday, April 19, 2008

Run for fitness

Today was the run for fitness for all the schools, kids could sign up, train at school and eventually run the "Run for Fitness". T and his class trained at school and he signed up to run the 3.2 miles.
Yes, that's right THREE miles!!
For every mile they got a stick and at the end of the run for those three sticks they got a t-shirt and a baggie with healthy snacks. T's run started at 9.45 am, we had to be signed in at 9.15 for the warm up.
And what are the parents to do while the kids run??? Well a good parent takes a camera and takes action shots of the running kids, which we did. But while waiting for their return (they went of the track into the fields so one lap would be one mile) We sat on the football field.
Lovely fake grass, feels good to walk on, is dry to sit on (and warm) does not need any weeding, mowing or fertilizing nor does it need water.
I want this for my garden

See, you do not even need a chair, you can sit on the 10 yard line with no problems of mud or grass stains.

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