Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday knitting

The weather was perfect this morning, a great opportunity to sit in the garden with a cup of coffee, my knitting and a book. While sipping my coffee I started reading in my book. Look at it, it is even signed by the author, the Yarn Harlot. And look my name is spelled right! I have to thank Megpie and Chickenknittle for this wonderful gift. They went to sock camp, and had a week of knitting fun. I love my knitting friends and every week I am looking forward to go to my knitting group. I can't say enough "Thank yous" for thinking of me and bringing me a present!! Next year I want to go too, I'll even promise to behave!!
Gotta, love these socks, these colors are BRIGHT, I keep saying to myself "one more row to see if the color changes" It is like eating a Jawbreaker, you can't wait until the next color.

For dinner our neighbor came over, we do that a lot in the summertime, I am cooking dinner and when he is around the boys hang out and we all eat dinner. After dinner they all head over to the jacuzzi and have "man talk". Who said women talk a lot?? Have you ever heard men talking??


Anonymous said...

Tante Dorien mijn kaartje doet het nog steeds (meestal)

Groetjes Kylian

CoasterMeg said...

What do you mean, if you come to Sock Camp next year you promise to behave? What kind of fun would we have then? You have to promise to NOT behave ... then we'll let you come!

Glad you like the book (with your name spelled correctly!); we'll miss you tomorrow night!

- M