Sunday, May 04, 2008

baby shower

My weekend was a very busy one, on Saturday I spend my whole day at school and today I had to attend a baby shower. My first one, ever! In the eleven years we have lived here, I managed to go by without a shower, baby or bridal.
And no, when I was pregnant with T I did not have a shower. So I went, after getting the cake and the balloons, because the person who needed to get those was running late (.....).
We had to play games, I had heard of games at showers, and I do not like them.
Turned out most of the women who where there did not like playing the games, and a bunch of us tried to escape.
Did not work, out "hostess" likes games, and makes sure that EVERY ONE plays. She made a word scramble, so we where scrambling our heads of, turns out she misspelled two words. Heeeheeee, funny because they are all teachers !!! And did you know that the word diapers can also be "unscrambled" in despair!
There she goes, it took three women to carry the presents!!

Next Thursday, a bridal shower!

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Anonymous said...

hihihi mag ik raden wie er weer te laat was (hahahahaha).
Maar weten ze al wat het wordt of is het een geheim?

Oja en het kaartje doet het nog steeds (maar het heeft dan ook een weekendje rust gehad hihihihi)

Groetjes Anita