Monday, May 19, 2008

Brunhilde and Kool-aid

Last night I finished a hat for Crazy Hat day at school, now I have two! The kids will love to see me walking around with the hats. That reminds me I need to make a picture of my "cupcake with flowers TP-cozy-hat". Only problem is that my model is not so keen on wearing them for a picture. People that know T can see in this picture he is not happy at all with his Crazy-hat-knitting Mom. And I even offered to knit him a "male" version of this one, it even has horns instead of wings!!! Those wings remind me of the song "I believe I can fly" and the movie "Ice age 2".
Remember the Kool-aid dyed sock yarn? above the socks I am currently knitting with it. And this weekend I could not resist, there was some red, pink and green Kool-aid saying "Hello" to me every time I went into the pantry. And when it is over a 100F outside it is the perfect weather to dry a skein of yarn in the sun!

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Anonymous said...

Ach mijn arme neef, dit is toch gewoon kindermishandeling, op de foto moeten met een rare hoed.
Hoe haal je het ook in je hoofd (hihihihihihi).

Groetjes Anita

ps het kaartje doet het nog steeds.