Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heat wave

Boy it is hot outside! For the last three days the temperatures went past the 100 degrees F
And believe me that is beyond nice summer weather. Yesterday there was the trod for our school. They decided that instead of having it in the afternoon after lunch, it would start in the morning because of the Spare the air day and the severe heat advisory.
Even in the morning it was already very warm. Kids are amazing though, some of them managed to walk 30 or more laps (three laps is a mile). Of course there was plenty of water to drink, and in spray bottles to go around. there was even a station with misters to stand underneath. Than for every so many rounds the kids got tickets for the carnival games set up around the schoolyard, or they could buy freezies or popcorn with them.
No need to say that there was not a kid that had a dry shirt on, they had so much fun walking and throwing water at each other. There where parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles cheering them on or even walking with them. By the time it was one o'clock and everybody went happily into their cool classrooms or the multipurpose room to have a good lunch the temperature hit the 100F.
Parents set out a table with lost items, this picture is only one of the tables and not to mention the racks full of clothing. AMAZING how many jackets and sweaters we collect over one schoolyear that nobody is missing. And most of them are really nice ones.
If T ever leaves a sweater at school I give the kid a hard time and make sure he takes it home the next day. Lucky for me this only happends once every year, he is a really good about putting the stuff in his backpack.

Today the weather again was very hot, T and J went swimming at the neighbor and afterwards they all came over here to have dinner.
We do this a lot over the summer, we talked about how much we like it here and having good neighbors makes it even more fun.

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