Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers day

Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers out there! And to all the women in the world. I found this picture the other day on the web. It made me smile. What also made me smile was the Mothers day card I received from T.
Make no mistake about what kind of card this is, it says so on the front! Knowing that my son does not like to draw, this is a master piece.
He just simply does not like to do art in any way. According to my DH I OD him, with all my crafty stuff.
T once had to make a book report that involved a cover just like a book. His only had the name of the writer and the title on it. When asked where his artwork for the book was, he replied :" it was a book without pictures"!
Yeah, enough said....................

My Leafling socks are finished and the recipient is wearing them ever since. I finished them last night, while he was sitting next to me one sock already on his foot waiting for me to bind of the second one and weaving the ends in. Last reports are that they are nice and warm and fit really well.

Ready for the next pair, this yarn T and I dyed together with Kool-aid, he loved to do it and I just marveled at how bright the colors came out and that people actually drink this stuff!!
The cuff is already knitted, and now if you excuse me I will go and sit in the garden and knit for a while.

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