Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pizza and Fire

We woke up this morning to a wild fire going on in the mountains. Not a very nice sign to wake up to.
Here the view taken from the schoolyard from T's school at around three this afternoon.
This was the view from the school where I work, around two this afternoon.
Not good, last update was that there is around 4000 square miles burning so far, the wind was surely not helping this today. It finally died down a bit.
You can find out more here and here
T went on his Pizza walk today, they went to every pizza parlor on first street and at every store they ordered a large pepperoni. The kids divided every pizza between them, tasted, counted and evaluated every pizza and the restaurant. So much fun! After T came home I suggested a pepperoni pizza for dinner.
He was not very happy about that, according to him he is not going to have another slice of pizza for at least a couple of months!!! (hurray for field trips)

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Anonymous said...

Tja daar was het wachten natuurlijk op met die hitte en droogte daar. Hopelijk krijgen ze het snel onder controle.

Wel leuk dat het een oranje fieldtrip was (grijns)

Groetjes Anita