Sunday, June 08, 2008

A busy weekend

It started of on Friday with "western day" at my school. There was a bbq lunch and to top it of the kids watched one of their teachers ride a horse around the campus!

That night it was time for my "end of the year" party from work, and early Saturday morning the Relay for Life started. No pictures from that one, because I just was to lazy to bring my camera. T had a great time, he and a few of this friend got to drive around on the golf cart with one of the organizers from the event. Every time I saw him pass by our row of tents, he had something else to eat. Or another toy or so to play with.

spoiled rotten those boys, by the time he was picked up for his sleepover (yeah, a sleepover with one of his best friends!!) he had more sugar in his system that the whole Ice cream cart combined.

I walked him over to the car of his friends mom and he was not walking but bouncing next to me, telling me what he had consumed over the course of the day.
It is amazing he did not get sick.

His sleep over went fine and although the boys thought they "pulled an all nighter" they did not. ssssssttt, don't tell them, they believe they stayed up all night.
Setting the clock a little ahead helps a lot....................

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hihihihihihihi my lips are sealed hihihihihhihi

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