Friday, June 27, 2008


Look what moved into our backyard, and there are three chicks also. This is the only picture I could take, from the kitchen window, nobody is allowed in the backyard other that us, and you have to be on your best behaviour as not to disturb our little family. Hey, we have plenty of birds and nest in our backyard, but we never had a Quail move in. So no more mowing the lawn until this family is all grown up and moved out. Lucky for me sitting and knitting is still allowed. Yesterday we went for a little trip to Pinnacles, our favorite place to visit on a free and lazy day.
Found some critters there too. what do you think of this one, never seen one, and do not know what it is, but looks quite interesting. I have to move in pretty close with my macro lens and I can report it does move!!
And then there was this little fellow, sunbathing on a rock, and he or she was happy to pose for me. I took a whole bunch of pictures and it kept following me with its little head a bit tilted like it was curious to see what I was doing.

Here's another little critter, lately not happy to pose for pictures. I get brushed of with a : "Mom, stop doing that!"
So I just sneak up on him, and take these (please-delete-them-now-mom) pictures. HA
Here are my two men in the dry riverbed looking for nice rocks.

And the landscape of California these days, it is dry, really dry.

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