Friday, June 20, 2008

A day on the Mountain

We are having visitors from Holland, and what to do on a nice day?? You take the whole gang on a field trip.
Where? some place they would not have gone on their own because that place is simply not on every tourist map.
We packed a nice picnic and set out for a drive through the hills with our end destination being Mt. Hamilton, and of course the Lick Observatory. T was happy, and he read his new book about planets and stars on the way up. He is just like a black hole, and sucks up all the info he can get about "The Universe"
Me on the other hand, I am happy as a clam just taking pictures, inside, and out.

I even managed to get a fly to pose for me!!
While crawling around trying to make these (hey, it kept me occupied for at least 45 minutes) it suddenly hit me, no wonder my son tells people who do not know me "This is my Mom, she is a little bit weird, in a good way".

Note to self, have to stop "acting Weird". But then on the other hand, I love my critter pictures. I mean, who does not want to have a nice picture of a fly??

Or a lady bug??

And here is our group, enjoying the view.
I love this place, it has a certain charm to it, the old buildings and the white of the paint against the blue sky.

More pictures to follow tomorrow!!

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