Monday, June 02, 2008

klompen, apples and surprise jacket

I am still here, the last week was crazy busy as always the last weeks of school/work are.
We are preparing for the next school year, closing this year, there are awards to hand out and ceremonies to give. And don't forget crazy hat/backward day last Friday.
Finally on Saturday afternoon there was time to knit, and we gathered in M's house for some much needed knitting and chatting.
We decided that we need another KAL (knit along) and this time we are going to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I do not have babies to knit for, and no baby shower to go to, I do not need a repeat of my first (and last) one. But one of my friends is going to be a grandma of twins soon, so we are dividing the yarn and knit one each!!
Only thing is, we want the Jacket to have a little longer sleeves, well of course I needed to figure that one out, the jacket is knitted in one piece and folded together.
I set out with some left over yarn that I had in my stash and started knitting the model so we have an idea what it should look like.
Look what is growing in our garden.....................................Yes, after the one lonely apple from last year, we now have a whole bunch to look forward to. J and T are already thinking apple pie, apple sauce, apple......everything. Yum!! For those who want to know the variety is it the Breaburn apple.

Last week I also took a treat in for my third grade classes that I go in for reading. They has so much fun practicing in saying "beschuit met muisjes". I ordered beschuiten, hagelslag and muisjes online and some wooden shoes to walk on.
It was a hit, they loved to eat the beschuit and had a good time with the muisjes, translation "mice". One student asked if they where mice eggs, and he had the whole class rolling with laughter. He looked stunned and after being told that mice do belong in the category "mammals" and do not lay eggs his reply was: "oh, I thought mice lay eggs, and I never tasted them". You just gotta love those kids!!

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Anonymous said...

whahahaahhahahahahahahh, ik rol hier bijna van mijn stoel,
Muize eieren hihihihihihiihiihhikkhikkhikk, wel leuk bedacht, die houden we er zeker in hahahahahahahahaha.

Groetjes Anita