Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a Scary Sky and knitting

A few days ago there was another wild fire in the Santa Cruz mountains, and yes there where more evacuations and more houses burned down. This fire is called the Martin fire and is burning in the vicinity of Bonny Doon. If the wind is blowing this way and there is enough smoke this is what our world looks like in the middle of the afternoon. Scary, weird and eerie just to name a few words that come to mind when the sky turned orange like this.

Friday was our last school/work day, and when I came home we started cleaning the house for our first guest from Holland to arrive.
J and T took on the vacuuming and I was in charge of the kitchen and the mopping of the tile floors.
Saturday morning we did some groceries and treated T to a videogame, he had a wonderful rapport card and worked very hard, he even had two “O’s” for outstanding and all was proficient or above!! He got an award for “public speaking” (who knew?!?) and was a very proud little boy. Not happy that school was over, he loves to go to school and had a really great teacher this year.
After that is was time for me to go to downtown Morgan Hill, hey, it was WWWKIP day after all!! (World Wide Knit In Public day) We sat in front of Ragoots had lunch and a desert with a gazillion calories and had a load of fun. Sausage dog (Hank) was allowed to sit on the table, and he had fun too.
Around two, I was just about to dig in on my desert, J called that our first visitor arrived.
Now we are waiting for the second round of visitors to arrive, then by tonight we have a “full house” for a couple of days. I did manage to go to Costco this morning and get some steaks to grill on the BBQ for tomorrow, for tonight, it is going to be a “Taco Bar”.

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