Monday, June 23, 2008


The fires are almost contained and although it is still smokey outside it is much better today than it was yesterday. I have to say being so close is not fun, but looking at all the people who just drive down to have a look, is amazing, and scary.

And look, what did I do during the night the fire came so close?? Of course, Knit! one sock down and casting on for the other one tonight.

And if you walk towards Santa Theresa Blvd, away from our house on the corner of where the new high school is going to be, you can see this. This is the hill they had under control the first Saturday night late, we watched them dig the trenches with bulldozers and by morning there was so much smoke we could not see this part of the road.
The weather is better today and it is less hot. T had a friend over this afternoon, and J took the boys swimming while I cooked dinner, I can not believe that already one week from our summer break is gone. Time flies when you are having fun.

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Anonymous said...

ha dorien,

ja hier is het ook bijna vakantie de kinderen moeten hier alleen nog morgen naar school.
is het vuur nu helemaal onder controle??of is het helemaal voor bij??
hier gaat verder alles goed,Anne-Meike is ondertussen alweer 7 en Jan-Douwe groeit als kool hij is alweer 13 weken.
liefs Wietsina