Saturday, June 21, 2008

Too close

We had a rare Thunderstorm today, and of course it is so dry here, it sparked a fire. This one is close, to close.
The fires this year are really bad, and we had a lot. These pictures I took when we took a drive around eight to see how fast it was going. Believe me it is going FAST. Our drive took only 10 minutes and we could see the damage it made in record speed. Roads are blocked and people are scrambling to get their horses out. So far no updates yet, News crews where just unpacking their stuff alongside the road.
the road behind our house
Day road

Watsonville road

And Hecker pass

Hopefully they have it quickly under control.

1 comment:

martine said...

Dat lijkt me enorm schrikken! Dan komt vuur wel ineens heel dichtbij!

Hopelijk is alles snel onder controle, maar de schrik zal nog wel even blijven.