Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beach and a companion

We decided to drive up to the beach this morning, I waited for a phone call, my phone never rang. I tried to call, the number I had was of their home phone.

So we went to the beach, and into the cooler temperatures for a while. Here in this picture you can already see the fog that every evening rolls in from the see over the hills.
Sorry for the bad pic, but this was taken out of the car, and as you can see there are some "bugs-that-did-not-make-it" on my windshield. T loves the beach, and immediately starts building and digging. A bit of wet sand does go a long way in making solid sand structures. On our way back we forgot about the traffic that was going to the garlic festival ! Wow, it took us a while to get of the 101 and crossing the big road close to our home. Once home the boys went for a swim next door. Leaving me some time to knit before I started dinner.
After dinner, it becomes a sort of habit for me to go outside and knit for a while enjoying a cup of coffee or thee. And lately I have a companion, Shamu likes to sit with me, every once in a while see will sit on my lap for some badly needed attention, and then goes back to her spot in front of my feet.
She stays as long as I am outside.

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