Thursday, July 17, 2008

City views

First up, some City views, from the top of the Empire state of course! It was a sunny day, and you could see for miles.

We had to wait a long time in line to get there, but it was worth the wait. Only my bones where not agreeing with the standing, and I was glad to be back at the Hotel and being able to lay down. Of course the medication helps but not for this extended walking and waiting.

Look, there she is, Lady Liberty

and of course the Chrysler building.
We did spent a whole lot of time up there and really enjoyed the view and the cool wind!

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Anonymous said...

Ik ken het en iedereen denkt dat het allemaal nog wel meevalt met je maar ja, hun staan de volgende dag niet aan je bedje als je probeert eruit te komen en het lukt niet zo goed.
Ze komen je de rest van de week ook niet helpen omdat het allemaal moet 'genezen' van dat ene dagje/weekje/uitstapje

Groetjes Anita