Saturday, July 05, 2008


It is warm and getting warmer this week, another heatwave is brewing. Yesterday was perfect. In the morning it is still cool enough to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee.
Because of the fires everywhere there was a big debate about lighting fireworks in different cities. Most cities banned the sales of fireworks all together, some only for this year.
Here it was only allowed in certain areas. We are just within the allowed area, and although we decided it was best we did not buy any this year. Our neighbors did. The kids loved dancing with the sparklers and that is where I took this picture.

There was also a fireworks display from the city, like every year, but we decided not to make the trek to the field this time.
Instead we stayed home and watched the Olympic trials for swimming. T is a real expert turns out and knows all the names of the swimmers both to J and my surprise.
My men are both glued to the TV, and give comment, like they both swim like dolphins!!
And what did I do during all that TV watching, I started another sock, loved the pattern and just could not wait to cast on. I know there are four pair of socks in the making but I could not help myself
turned out the yarn is lovely and the pattern is lovely but not together. This I realized after knitting almost half of the sock, duh!!!
Maybe I was in denial after knitting the cuff and thinking "this looks not so good".
Oh, well, it was off to the frog pound, back to the Ziggy, that pair is almost done.

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