Saturday, July 19, 2008


OK, the Stargazing last night was a whole night event. Although we did not see any planets yet. It took a while to set the thing up and find coordinates, which is not easy in a backyard covered with trees.
Tonight we decided we try the front yard, unfortunately there is overcast so no star in sight (only me LOL).
Here are some more pic's from New York (last ones, promise!)
Our little guy, waiting at the airport wearing his favorite T-shirt. Taken from inside the toy store, the building outside is the Plaza Hotel, 5th ave.

And for the Project Runway fans, these are the garments made in the Dylan's Candy store challenge. They where in the window and from outside the store there was to much reflection to take pictures, believe me I tried but it did not work out. So only a picture from the back side.

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Anonymous said...

Hier is nu project runway de afleveringen waarin de ene vent wegens gezondheidsredenen eruit stapt (gezichtsontsteking) en dan mag Chris (die hele dikke homo) weer terug komen. Om vervolgends een heel lelijk pakje te maken.
Dat moesten ze doen van de oude kleding van de 'modellen' die heel veel afgevallen waren.

Groetjes Anita