Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're Back!!!

If you missed us for the past week, we were on a trip. A city trip, not a lazy-lay-by-the-beach kind of trip, but a walk a million miles trip. At least that what it felt like for me. Ask my heels and my blisters.
We went to the place where you have to eat hot-dogs and pretzels on the street (done that) and go to the rooftop of the tallest building (done that), see the landmark that is the symbol of freedom for America (done that), take a stroll and knit in the park (done that), eat ice cream in little Italy (done that) smell the exotic (ahum) smells of China town (done), and marvel at the prices of the shoes in the designer stores (yeah, no words there).
Oh, and not to forget visited "ground zero".
Tomorrow I'll post some pictures.
T had a great time and only the day time he complained about his feet hurting! Very impressive!
His favorite part? FAO Schwartz. We spend a crazy amount of time in the store browsing around through all the toys.
T stumbled on a great deal, he always wanted a telescope to look at the stars, there where two on sale! marked down from 300 to 60 dollars!! J looked at it and even he was impressed, so we let T spend all his saved money (allowance and gifts from family) to buy it. They even shipping the thing to our house, no way we were going to carry that on a plane!
Now somebody is watching the front door for the UPS guy, and than he has to wait until it is dark!

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Anonymous said...

Zo Tante Anita heeft eindelijk even tijd om bij te lezen.

Gaaaaf ik zou ook wel even een blik op de sterren willen werpen.
Maar ik vrees dat het hier blijft met het op je rug in het gras liggen.

Groetjes Anita