Friday, August 22, 2008

First school days

School has officially started!
As always it takes some time for the kids to get used to school routine, their new friends and the teachers.
Especially for the kindergartners, for some it is just fun and exciting, for others it is just a matter of time before they feel comfortable and stop crying. And then there are the ones who live life on their own agenda’s and need constant supervision.
It is heartbreaking to see some cry for their parents, to them this must be a big scary place and everything in it is even scarier.
Imagine you are 5 years old (some even 4) and there you are, all by yourself in a room full of strange people and you don’t know who do you have to be more frightened for, the teachers or the other children.
Finally you settle in, the classroom is safe and then it is Lunchtime. Your teacher directs you to the big room otherwise known as the multi purpose room, there you wait in line (I know this part is hard) and walk past the lunch ladies who are helping you to get your lunch. It goes in a little basket lined with paper.
Then walk outside and find your table. That’s where there are more adults called “yard duties”.
For these first few days, there are also “office people”, they usually sit in the office all day and type away on their computers or help you when you come in for the nurse or worse if you are in trouble.
You walk out to the tables, and they ask you “who is your teacher?”, or “do you see your classmates?”
Then they tell you what table to sit at, every classroom has two tables.
But what if you only speak Spanish?? Or when they ask you where your teacher is and you reply “I donno, I lost her/him”
Scary business those first schooldays, really scary business.
Hopefully it will all settle down pretty quick.

On another note, look what I found on the web, I have been complaining about the boring beach volleyball matches, love all the other sports, but just not that one.
Anyway I am thinking the Dutch crown prince Alexander is a little "bored" too. Next to him his wife princess Maxima.


Anonymous said...

hij kreeg zeker een fax van boven hahahahhaha
groetjes Wietsina

Nederlass said...

"Digging" for Gold more like! ;)

Goeie foto...