Thursday, August 07, 2008

LEGO's and the moon

Two weeks until school starts, the school supplies are already bought and after 3 years of service the “Bionicle” backpack is officially retired and T is now the proud owner of a more “mature” backpack.
The letter from his new teachers is already in the house with the appropriate homework to be done before school starts. No wasting time there.
He is looking forward to school and seeing all his friends again. A few of his friends he has seen on a regular basis during the vacation. We had sleepovers and there was swimming and going to the movies.

Last night we did some star gazing, or better Moon gazing, it is so much fun to see the moon close up, you can not stop looking and be amazed. T and J get out the telescope almost every evening and watch the stars go by.
I just wait until it is my turn to watch en meanwhile I am sipping my coffee and knit. The boys know that once mom is watching the stars, the fun for them is over. I love it, and no way am I giving up my turn to peer into the night sky.
Once back inside we have to play LEGO wars, T’s brand new, self invented game. There are pages full of rules, he even adds rules while playing, there are blocks that are “mother ships” and there are blocks that are “drop ships”. We take turns building mining camps and pay ridiculously high amounts of “imaginary money” for research.
If we encounter an attack, the winner is to be determent by the first player who wins three rock-paper-scissors.
Not to mention that one can go to the “Neutral Zone” after buying a space research center and a drop ship, only to find out that the zone is not that Neutral after the enemy moved in and had laser guns.
Oh my, this afternoon I am in for another session of Lego wars, this time the board is bigger and the LEGO blocks are counted.
Sometimes I wish I was a kid again and have that much imagination.
Only one more day and than the Olympics begin, I can hardly wait. Love it.
My knitting needles and Yarn for the Ravelimpics are ready; the pattern is printed so we are all set to watch the opening ceremonies on TV!!!

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