Friday, August 01, 2008


Hi, we are back from a little trip to Las Vegas.
T's favorite city. Wandering around in the casino's and taking in wonders of the world in one City is fun, for a day or two.
This city never fails to amaze me, there are always bigger Casino's to be build and old ones to be torn down. There is plenty to see even for the non-gamblers like us.

The most crazy thing for me is watching the designer stores, just simply crazy. Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for shoes, and a pair of these would look really "fierce" on my feet! But imagine how many skeins of Yarn one could buy for that amount, or gas for my car or, or, or......

And then the "designer clothing"? Number one question that comes to mind, do they make "real" women sizes?? or do only women with size 00 to 1 shop in those stores?

And did you know as of today this site is up?? Oooh, socks and sweaters, some nice fall and winter knitting.

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