Saturday, September 06, 2008

cool drinks

We have cool drinks again, and we need them the thermometer hitting the 110 F three days in a row. Even at night it does not cool that much, no marine layer the weather man said. Or no fog from the coast moving in. Any way, it is way to warm and I am sooooooo looking forward for the fall weather. Cold crisp nights and nice and just warm enough to wear a t-shirt or just a sweater during the day.
I love the cooler weather, not to cold, otherwise my RA gets in the way.
Right now I can live with it, sometimes when I come home from work my legs won't work anymore and laying down is the only thing I can do, not really fun for someone who needs to be busy at all times.

1 comment:

anita said...

Hoop dat de temp snel zakt zodat je lichaam ook wat beter wil.
Tot dan wens ik je heel veel koude drankjes toe

Kus Anita