Thursday, September 11, 2008

ER and a halloween costume

We took a trip to the ER last night, T is complaining about his chest and shoulder got worse even after the trip to the doctor yesterday. And at around eight he was crying.
He did not even complain that we finally decided to go to the ER.
And you know it has to be bad that anyone would go to the ER without complaining. He was poked and x-rayed and there is nothing wrong with his lungs, the pain they suspect is from the muscles that hold your ribs together, maybe a torn one or maybe some bruised ribs. Cause probably the swimming.
Pain stays for a while and no more fun stuff (swimming and running and roughhousing with friends) 'till the pain is over.
At least he got his picture taken at picture day, just before midnight. We came home around three at night and we were all exhausted.
Why do these things always happen during nights or weekends????????????

The doctor gave him copies of the x-rays, nice, just in time for Halloween to go on his t-shirt.


anita said...

Nou zie je wel helemaal tiptop in orde van binnen (hihihihi)
Nu nog even zien hoe je de xray op een shirt kunt drukken.

Gelukkig valt het dus allemaal nog mee, hoop wel voor jullie kleine vent dat je voor de nacht wat pijnstillers mag gebruiken.

Groetjes Anita

anita said...

Nou tante Dorien wij weten niet waar de naam Zonnekindje precies vandaag komt.
We weten wel dat kindjes met het syndroom van Down hier vaak zo genoemd worden.
En zeg nu zelf klinkt toch veel leuker/liever en vriendelijker dan mongool

Kusjes Kylian en mama