Monday, September 01, 2008

Long weekend and a sick boy

It was a three day weekend, and what did we do?? We planned to go out for breakfast on one of the days to T's favorite place OD's. We did not go
We invited our neighbor for dinner. He was invited to a dance.
We wanted to go for a nice drive along the beach. We did not go
So what did we do???
On Saturday morning at six (even at weekdays I can still sleep for half an hour) T came with the announcement he did not feel that well. Directly followed with a run to the bathroom. After two more visits to the little place with the throne, and an accident on the livingroom carpet J installed him with a big bucket in the guest bedroom downstairs with the shortest route from bed to throne and shower.
While I took care of the carpet and the extra dirty laundry (and smelly too) J took care of T.
Poor kid, he felt really sick and was even too tired to watch a dvd.
Sunday was a little better and he even held down some toast!!! and played with his LEGO's

T's reaction to all this: "Good that I got sick in the weekend, otherwise I missed my perfect attendance!!"
He is going for the price this year, last year he missed ONE day. Can't happen again.
So we are going back to school tomorrow, at least I got all my laundry done and some extra to boot.

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anita said...

Arm jochie, gelukkig hebben jullie een kamer met wc dichtbij.
Hier zullen we toch echt eerst de trap moeten nemen (whahahahaha).

Ach ja misschien volgend weekend lekker met elkaar ontbijten dan? (mag ik mee HIHIHIHIHI)

Groetjes Anita