Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mildred mouse

While doing groceries I picked up a couple of DVDs for my mister goofball, so last night the three of us watched one of the two Mr Bean movies.
Hilarious, just only to come up with the twisted things he does.
And with an up and coming stand up comedian in the house one can never go wrong with a funny movie.

Of course I got distracted again from my Dirndl socks and had to make a mouse in a dress.
Yeah, nothing I can do against the urge to knit something that is not wearable but is just there to look at.
After one evening watching Bean I got this:

And then this afternoon it magically turned into this:

Meet Mildred mouse, a real Victorian lady, she is waving her fan, not for the fresh air but just to be ladylike, imagine her at a nice ball waiting to get her dancing card filled.

T has a friend over and he is staying the night. And with three men in the house the comments about Mildred are relentless. Why did I knit this? and not to mention "pink is really your color, it is soooooo girly" (insert squeaky imitation of a girls voice followed by a giggle attack)
But I got my revenge, I cooked a vegetarian meal today, NO MEAT.
His friend looked at me with big eyes of disbelieve and announced he did not eat vegetables, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
(of course I knew that and my inner self was having a giggle fit of my own)
I asked what he ate at home and he said "pasta and meat".
To make the matter worse for his friend, T thought is was appropriate to give him a lesson about vitamins and fresh vegetables.
I did hear my voice in there somewhere and I have now the proof that he does listen if his parents give him a lesson for having a balanced meal.
Poor kid, he sat there and picked at his food with a fork, it had greens, and reds (bell pepper) and lima beans.
A little bit of chocolate pudding made him feel much better, and I have a feeling the goldfish that I have for them tonight are not going to last very long.

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