Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no sleep for parents

T has been complaining about shoulder pain for the last few days. We tried to figure out what was wrong and came to the conclusion that it was "just" a muscle pain from to much swimming and running (during weekdays he runs a mile a day at school)
But it was his shoulder and the pain stayed and got worse over the days. Last night he woke us up around one. His pain was bad he said, really bad, he could not sleep and breathing was hurting. After an hour we decided to call the nurse and ask what to do. It is kind of scary if he says that his breathing hurts and his chest starts to hurt. She also suspected a sprained muscle or so, and told us to give him some Ibuprofen. Not the children kind but half the adult dose, and call the doctor in the morning for an appointment.

So this morning at 6 (!!) I called and he could go at 9.45 AM.
The ibuprofen knocked him out around three in the night and the boys where still sleeping when I went to work.
The doctor confirmed the pulled slightly inflamed muscle and he told T not to swim or do other things for a week and rest his arm, on top of some more meds.
Now there are a few problems with this nightly waking of the boy, first he ruined his perfect attendance because he had to stay home today! This we will hear forever, and to top it off it was picture day today (no T in the class pic, oh well)
And he has a b-day party to go to on Saturday, bowling no less, but he can't bowl. I guess they have a volunteer to keep scores.
On the knitting front, I did finish one of the votter (mittens) pfew, now on to the second one, knitting mittens on size o with two colors and 98 stitches in the round is a bit of work.
Of course I got distracted again and just had to cast on the Coriolis socks, for J because he "needs" socks according to him. And he is threatening to wear my nice butter yellow Oolongs.
He did find them the other day and even though I thought I hid them well, but stole them back and hid them even better..............(evil grin)
Going to finish these tonight so he can wear them tomorrow.
And look he can wear them different ways, the Coriolis going out or in, depending on mood or dress code.

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anita said...

Ach jeetje arme T, dat is toch ook niet leuk en dat doet heel erg Auw zo'n spier.
En dan al in de eerste maand van je school weten dat er een prijs aan je neus voorbij gaat aan het einde van het jaar is helemaal niet leuk.
En dan mag je ook nog niet bowlen op zaterdag, misschien proberen met de andere hand te bowlen.

Groetjes Anita