Tuesday, September 02, 2008

a not so frozen freezer

You know when your freezer is not working anymore when you want Ice cream for dessert and it is already past the state of "frozen treat".
That is what happened to us today, we did hear this strange beep sound followed by a soft click this afternoon and we could not pinpoint where it came from,
Now we know. Our fridge/freezer just quit working. After dinner J went to get some Ice cream for him and T and was very surprised that it was so easy to scoop some out of the bucket. Our should we say, pour.
Lucky for us we have a neighbors who are glad to help out, so our food is safe until we get another fridge.

And while T and I are in school tomorrow, J is going to shop for a new fridge.
Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it is going to be a nice one, and it fits into the space between the cabinets.


anita said...

Nou ik ben heel benieuwd, ik gok op een hele grote van alle gemakken voorzien en die net niet past (hihihihi)

Ach dan kan jullie oude vriezer naar de koelhemel, daar is onze koelkast ook sinds een paar weken

anita said...

Nou tante Dorien we gaan vandaag niet naar Opa Boot want papa moet gewoon werken.
Maar volgend weekend dan hebben we opa belooft dat we met elkaar op stap gaan.

Groetjes Kylian