Monday, September 08, 2008

our backroads

Watsonville road, just a few minutes from our house, there is some road construction going on and when you pass it you will see this.
It is a two lane road but because of the construction (widening of the bridge) it is a one lane road, hence the traffic light.
It is just one road, and this section does not have any cross roads. The fence on the right side is from a farm which is for sale, the sign from the realtor just a little past the "narrow road" sign.
And if you are a pedestrian in this section (believe me you do not want to walk here in the middle of nowhere) please try to find the crosswalk!
And look there is also a sign for "bike and pedestrians only"???? Just a little question for the people who place the signs, where do I bike or walk??

And then there is this one, just across the street where the little white "pedestrian cross" sign is, Eeeeeeeehhhhh, yeah, the only way I can go is left??? to where?????

According to the sign at the beginning of the road they will be done somewhere in July of 2009. So if you are in the neighborhood don't get confused, the road goes straight, there is nowhere else to go.

T has picture day on Wednesday, and for the special occasion while I was coloring my hair he got a little color too. A barely visible spot of red and he loved it. He is growing into a teenager and gets little mood swings. A whole new experience for everyone in this house.

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anita said...

Nou Tante Dorien,

we hadden oude buren en dus was er in dit huis al een hele tijd niets gedaan.

Toen we nieuwe keukens mochten uitzoeken wilde de buren dit niet en de tegeltjes in de badkamer bleken heel erg los te zitten.

Dus dat knappen ze op voordat de volgende huurders erin komen.

Wel een leuke bordenbrei daar bij jullie (hihihhihi)

zooo dus Tycho heeft een stukje haar gekleurd, gaaf hoor wij willen een foto zien. (knipoog)

Groetjes Anita