Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a yummy surprise

This was on my desk this morning when I came into the office, a caramel apple!
I took it home and tonight with a nice cup of coffee (juice for T) we each had a piece, and there is even some for tomorrow.

Every morning the sun shines in our office at work and we close the blinds, well this morning one of the blinds came down from the wall, poof, in a big ball of dust (of course nobody dusts the blinds in an office)
What to do?? We took a big piece of butcher paper nice and white ( we had the choice of pink, yellow, blue, brown, green and red) and with a couple of pushpins we have instant shade.
Our blinds where dark blue and the white gives a nice light to the space.
New blinds are on the to do list, but for now we have a nice piece of paper.
The question is how long will it stay nice and white, one of the teachers already offered to draw some nice curtains on it.

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anita said...

Yeg heb net die melk reclame gezien, whe heb je meteen geen zin in melk meer.
Ik snap ook niet waarom ik meteen bij die reclame aan ongekoelde melk moet denken (bleeeeeehhhh)

Nee doe me dan maar zo'n appeltje

Groetjes Anita